Bleach Hair Don't Care

We have all been there! Time to take our strand health into our own hands. 


The Ultimate Bleaching Guide To Rescue Your Locks

If you have ever bleached your hair, you know the damage it causes to your strands. Or worse, you might know the pain of when bleaching your strands goes too far - the chemical cut!

Bleach can also destroy the cuticles and cortex which can lead to dry, brittle, rough, straw-like hair.  Dry, brittle hair due to over bleaching is referred to as “oxidative” or “bleaching” damage. Porosity and elasticity of the strands can also be affected if hair is over processed. Hair that is overly porous will be hard to hold any style, which is why you may notice your hair is flat and limp and has no body. Overly porous hair will not be able to retain moisture.


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OK, So You Bleached Your Hair & It’s Damaged! What Do You Do? How Can You Repair It?

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5 Best Tips To Restoring Your Hair After Bleach Damage

Your hair feels like straw now, follow our 5 tips to healthy hair.


Bleached hair is fragile and most of the bonds that were lost during the bleaching process are no longer remade. This leads to the deterioration of the cuticles and cortex, which is vital to the inner structure of the hair.

During the first week after bleaching, it is best not to shampoo.  Use a conditioner to clean hair instead - as conditioners have some cleansing properties.  You’re probably not adding a lot of product to your hair at this point so a deep shampoo is not necessary.


Sorry, but it’s just a must to stay away from heat styling tools. Heat styling can remove added moisture from the hair strands. At this point, your straw-like hair wants to keep all the moisture it can in the strands. Although not recommended, if you have to heat style, make sure to use a thermal protectant like NIUCOCO’s Renewing Serum.

Coconut Oil

Implement the coconut oil treatment starting from the second week after bleaching.  Start with 2 times per week for the first week and then 1 time per week afterward.


During the day, add a pea-sized amount of coconut oil to your hair to give it some extra nutrients or apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to hair.

Use A Deep Conditioner

Apply this mask to your hair twice a week for optimal results.

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