If your body is a temple, 

then your hair is definitely its crown! 👑

This Valentine’s day, we’re upping your self love and self care game with 

an empowering message to keep you giving your hair the TLC it deserves! 

Your hair does so much for you - it compliments your outfits, 

it’s the perfect accessory for flirting (or when you just really need 

something to play with) 

and of course, a good hair day can do a whole lot for your self-esteem. 

So, why not fall in love with it a little more 

with every wash or style?


Here are 5 reasons why with NIUCOCO, love really is in the hair

1. It Smells Unbelievably Good!

Who doesn’t love coconut? We asked a bunch of  NIUCOCO users what they love about our product and the coconutty scent was one of the most popular reasons. NIUCOCO’s signature coconut scent comes from the combination of raw coconut oil and shea butter, both of which are natural ingredients. This is why  our scent is subtle and fruity, not overwhelming or mass-produced like other coconut-based products on the market.

2. It Gives You Soft & Shiny Hair

Coconut  is packed with vitamins and the raw coconut oil infused in NIUCOCO’s shampoo and conditioner has our customers raving about how soft and shiny their hair is! And the extra shine our serum adds? Forget it! All it takes is a few drops and you’ll be hooked.

3. Kiss Dandruff and Color Treatment Drama Goodbye

Speaking of vitamin E, did you know that it does wonders for your skin and scalp? The raw coconut oil in NIUCOCO’s products delivers ultra-moisturizing properties that heals dry-scalp problems like dandruff and the discomfort of colored and bleached hair. Pro tip: our serum gives your scalp a little extra TLC in-between washes, too.

4. Detangles Even the Curliest Hair

Extra moisture means setting tangles free with NIUCOCO’s sophisticated formula. Wash, dry and style as normal for noticeably softer run-your-fingers-through it hair that even the curliest of locks can enjoy.

5. Made with 100% natural ingredients

Each product’s combination of organic coconut oil, rosemary extract, sunflower oil and shea butter makes an effective formula that softens hair, fights frizz and adds glossiness to your hair. Raw coconut oil is the key ingredient that fights dryness and restores your strands to their optimal health, thanks to the generous dose of vitamin E.

Your hair and NIUCOCO are a match made in heaven!