Meet The Brains Behind The Potion

by Kitschy Inc. on October 28, 2020

Whether it’s the fragrance, texture, or ingredients that you love most about Niucoco products, these assets can all be traced back to the same genius source!

Niucoco’s founder, better known as Chief Scientist Yasmine Ishmael, is a professional in the fields of genetics and genomics. Genetics and genomics, both molecular studies of peoples’ genes, play major roles in understanding our overall health.

niucoco chemist

Inspired by her struggle with her own hair, Yasmine decided to transfer and apply some of her vast scientific knowledge to create a product that actually works. Hailing from the West Indies, she was also more than familiar with the powers of coconut oil, and what better combo than science and cultural tradition to create a perfect cure?

As a woman with dry and brittle hair, Yasmine quickly understood that if Niucoco was able to solve her problems, it would solve the issues of many others as well.

This led her to bless us with the holy concoction that is today the Niucoco trinity.

This straightforward yet comprehensive hair care system insists on incorporating strictly natural and healthy ingredients, ensuring real results for real people.


Niucoco prioritizes promoting a conscious lifestyle, that not only creates lasting positive change for your hair, but for the world around you.

Niucoco is a vegan and cruelty-free brand made in Canada that aims to nurture a responsible and happy community. In addition to all of the products’ benefits, our members also enjoy an exclusive 30% discount as part of a cost and risk-free subscription. Sweet!

Join us in making functional, ethical and honest products the new norm!