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"I want to smell sexy, not sickly", I told my sister one night, as I mourned the fact that my Moroccan Oil had gone the way of so many other hair products--the trash. The issue however, is that many of the cleaner products I was picking up, didn't have the loveliest of scents. Enter @niucoco Renewing Hair Serum. The name first caught my eye, as Niu is quite literally "coconut", in Tongan. I love most things coconut, and when they sent this over, I was pleased to find that it included not only coconut oil, but guava extract and quinoa protein. It doesn't hurt that it smells fresh and light. Not overperfumed or synthetic in the least. Just a handful of drops, is perfect for applying in damp hair--but I also found that adding a generous amount to dry hair, an hour before washing, is also a conditioning treat. I have a lot of hair, though each individual strand is fine...I don't find that this weighs it down, and that's something to be grateful for. In fact, I'll show you a picture this week, as evidence. But for now, baby has a checkup, and this hair is in a permabun. Do you use a hair serum that smells as delicious as this? Tell me about it!

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Niucoco a invité les nanas du blogue à faire l'essai de leur nouvelle gamme de produits, au Salon M de Griffintown. Ils nous ont prouvés que les produits naturels et biologiques sont tout aussi efficaces que les produits de cosmétique traditionnelle. Je suis maintenant convaincue que l'on peut préserver la santé de ses cheveux et redonner vie à sa crinière de façon naturelle, voici pourquoi:
La gamme de produits Niucoco propose un shampoing, un revitalisant ainsi qu'un sérum. Les trois produits sont respectueux de l'environnement et sans composante issue de l'industrie pétrochimique. L'emballage est non polluant et recyclable ; et aucun test sur les animaux n'a été effectué.
de Eve Marie

To choose the best coconut oil for your hair, read the ingredients. You’re looking for something 100% natural and PURE—oil purity is the key to unlocking its full benefits. Keep in mind, companies will purposely decrease the size of font used for their product’s ingredient lists!

One of my favourite lines so far is by NIUCOCO because they only use cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, an ingredient I’ve yet to find on any other label. Their products are also free of artificial fragrances and phthalates—they’re entirely chemical-free and they work well.

"I am very pleased with this product. First off, this product is created with extra virgin COCONUT oil to help achieve softer and shinier hair. After just a week of use, my hair seemed to be softer, less frizzy, and more hydrated. I use 5~6 drops on the bottom half of my hair, and that is more than enough. I start at the tip of my hair and work my way up so that the top is not as oily. Remember, a little goes a long way with this product. Also, the smell is amazing. If you like the smell of coconut and vanilla extract, you'll love this."

"This product costs $50 for a 50mL bottle. I know that sounds expensive, but this product is definitely worth getting. Your hair will thank you later. Furthermore, I've used this product everyday for 2~3 weeks and it barely budged from the top. The $50 you spend now is going to last you months -- maybe even a over a year or so. Seriously."

Photo: Helen Yang

Caroline Elie, Editor's pick:

Because everyone knows about the benefits of coconut oil, we couldn’t keep our new favourite product a secret any longer. NIUCOCO products are really big right now in the beauty isle, and for good reasons! Its extra virgin coconut oil based products are great for the hair -a mix of vitamins A,C and E an a boost of hydration and nutrients- and for the planet. In fact, the brand is vegan and does not use artificial fragrances and parabens. We are particularly loving the serum for hair that takes care of our split ends and hydrates our mane. And what to say about its fragrance… Coconut oil hasn’t ceased to impress us.

My experience..  

I used the three piece collection in the recommended sequence, Hydrating Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and the Renewing Hair Serum. I can’t even explain how amazing and luxurious my hair felt and looked after I used all three products…I wish you can touch & feel the softness. My hair felt like a horses mane, and was so easy to brush. I applied the renewing serum which is recommended to use after you have heat styled your hair..but..I also tried adding a few drops in my damp hair and my hair absolutely loved it! 

My results… 

After using Niucoco for about a week, I can see the shine and healthiness in my hair. I’m so due for a root touch up..and you know that feeling of limp and lifeless locks, but I didn’t even notice as my hair looked so voluminous and shiny! I can even go a day without shampooing as there’s no build up…and that never happens…like never! I’m in love..❤️


Photo: Paula Khan

Comments from a blogger about NIUCOCO on Instagram

In case you English readers want a translation, it means:

I'm totally hooked on this new line of hair treatment!

Photo: Catherine from Pearls and Caramel

Think Dirty's App (Dirty Meter) has rated NIUCOCO products clean and safe to use every day.

Think Dirty App has over 300,000 registered products in their database. 

"So far, I’ve tried the shampoo, conditioner and the hair serum. All 3 smell like a coconut fiesta on the beach, I literally want to apply it all over my body and eat it! The texture reminds me of coconut oil combined and mixed into a shampoo which is the best thing ever because coconut oil is amazing for your hair. I noticed that every time I use the shampoo and conditioner, my hair has a nice shine to it."

Read more:

Photo: Tanya Kupelian (Tanya Kay)


I recently discovered a brand that uses it as an ingredient to nourish your hair. Niucoco is a Montreal-based hair care company that uses the benefits of cold-pressed coconut oil (along with plenty of other natural ingredients) in their collection of professional quality shampoos, conditioners and serums. I had the chance to try the Renewing Hair Serum at the launch of the collection and it left my hair soft, shiny and smelling like a beach vacation. Coconut oil in a hair care product? Why didn’t anyone think of that before?! They probably have, but not with the quality ingredients and purity of Niucoco (did I mention their products are sulfate, paraben and phthalate free, with no artificial fragrances, gluten-free and 100% vegan?). Beyond the beauty of coconut oil for your hair, if you have a regular jar of the white stuff lying around, here are a few other ways that you can use it in your beauty routine.


"... These amazing products left my hair smooth, shiny and looking healthy. I can't imagine how wonderful my hair would look when using them everyday. The Hydrating Shampoo gently cleanses, the Smoothing Conditioner adds softness and the Renewing Hair Serum adds moisture to strands making them radiant. One of the best natural hair products on the market right now. All NIUCOCO products are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free, with no artificial fragrances. They are also gluten-free and 100% vegan. "

"...Estos excelentes productos me dejaron el cabello suave, brillante y luciendo muy saludable. Me imagino cómo se vería mi cabello si lo usara todos los días. El Shampoo Hidratante limpia delicadamente, el Acondicionador suaviza tu cabello y el Serum (Suero) Renovador humecta el cabello dejándolo radiante. Este es uno de los mejores productos naturales para el cabello que puedes encontrar en el mercado. Todos los productos NIUCOCO están libres de sulfato, parabeno y ftalato y de fragancias artificiales, tampoco contienen gluten y además son 100% veganos."

Photo: Eli Garcia

"This concoction should definitely be featured on your wish list, not only it is filled with natural ingredients, but it is free of any harsh detergents like sulphates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. An entire line of hair products that are good for you and the environment, I’m going to call this one a winner."

Photo: #dresstokillmagazine

Soirée de lancement des produits de NIUCOCO!

Photo: Huffington Post

We are extremely proud and excited to launch NIUCOCO's hair care product line. NIUCOCO is delighted to offer premium shampoos, conditioners and hair serum made from cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

A private, by invitation only, event geared towards media influencers will be held at Griffintown’s M Salon and personally hosted by owner Arié Benchetrit on December 10th 2015. It’s not a formal black tie party, but it is “5 à 7” in Montreal on a Thursday evening, dress like it counts!

Guests will be treated to a complimentary blow out, showcasing one of our signature products – NIUCOCO's All-Natural Hair Serum.

Don't forget to be social and use these hashtags for the evening #‎niucoco #‎niucocobabe #‎vegan #‎gonatural #‎naturalbeauty #‎allnatural#‎haircare #‎shampoo #‎conditioner #‎bethankful #gonatural #‎hairlove#‎hairbliss #‎stylish #‎niucocohair

Other locations to come shortly. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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