NIUCOCO was born in Canada in 2014 with a simple mission: to create the most effective and safe hair care products to repair damage and leave hair looking and feeling better than ever.

NIUCOCO’s head scientist, Yasmine, a woman with dry, brittle hair—full of split ends—felt disappointed in the lack of hair care products that delivered on the claims they promised. She was frustrated with current hair products on the market and only found products that masked the issue and never fixed the issue.

As an adult with dry, damaged, over-processed hair, she tried using all of the promoted products out there: pharmacies, salons, sponsored brands. Unfortunately, nothing worked. These were all products that could not deliver on the claims.

Coming from the West Indies, Yasmine’s mother would use coconut oil to nourish her hair as a child all the time, but as she grew up, this was forgotten in her personal routine.

She went back to those simple apothecary remedies by adding a touch of the coconut oil to her hair and saw the results coming in a short amount of time; her hair looked and felt better and healthier.

Today, not only can our products deliver incredible results for hair, but each of our products is made with 100% all-natural coconut oil and are free of nasty ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and synthetics.

Formulated by Chief Scientist Yasmine N. Ishmael

"I understand the struggle of not having healthy hair and wanted to focus on how to fix it from a scientific research perspective. I’m proud to give those who are struggling with unhealthy and damaged hair a long-lasting solution to help them look and feel their best!"