Let’s change the way we think about our planet.

We began with a simple question: “How do we create a haircare product that really works and is responsible at the same time?”

Not only is it a question about finding a product that truly nourishes our hair while achieving resplendent results, but also one that does not harm the most sensitive of hair/skin, or the planet in its production.

The NIUCOCO Solution

Our goal is to make a line of premium haircare products that we ourselves love to use, but that produce salon-grade results making us excited and confident to share it with those closest to us. And you.

We have worked tirelessly to conduct careful and conscientious research to combine all-natural ingredients with the magic of coconut oil; and we have achieved this with an innovative method that integrates all ingredients in a truly unique way.

NIUCOCO’s specially formulated products are optimised for safe and regular use, while consistently maintaining the beneficial properties of 100% certified pure, extra virgin coconut oil.

NIUCOCO products are sulfate, paraben and phthalate free, with no artificial fragrances. We are also gluten-free and 100% vegan.

You can be confident that when using NIUCOCO products, you will achieve gorgeous results, that are responsible & sustainable too!

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