5 Easy Winter Dandruff Solutions

by Kitschy Inc. on January 22, 2021

 Dandruff is one of the many annoying things that come with winter. It’s bad enough that you have to shovel snow out of your driveway, you don’t want to have to shovel it out of your hair as well! 

There are ways to fix the problem, however. First, understand that dandruff happens in the winter because the weather dries out your scalp. Furthermore, wearing hats, while they’re great for protecting you from the cold, don’t do much to protect the moisture of your hair since cotton is moisture-wicking. 

So, what’s the best way to tackle this problem? Re-evaluate your hair care routine for the winter and consider adding these quick hacks and foolproof products to get your scalp sorted during frosty times.


(Source: https://bit.ly/3qIlfqP)
Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an internationally-loved solution when it comes to attaining healthy skin and that includes your scalp. It’s tempting to grab a jar of coconut oil, but you should opt for something less intense with a much lower risk of leaving your tresses greasy. 

NIUCOCO’s renewing serum is made from cold-pressed, organic extra virgin coconut oil, so it will give you great results with a bit more control. Apply it to your tresses for softness and shine and massage it onto your scalp for quick relief.


Avoid Hot Showers
This one breaks our hearts as much as it does yours. Hot water will excessively dry your hair, as well as your skin’s natural moisture. This is why it’s best to avoid them and build stamina towards lukewarm and cold showers. Also, cold showers give your hair an amazing shine.


(Source: https://bit.ly/3oaphqa)
High-Quality Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

We love NIUCOCO’s Classic Duo shampoo and conditioner kit, because like their serum and the rest of their products, their shampoo and conditioner are highly nutritious for your hair and are made up of cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin coconut oil. It’s a surefire and natural way to bring back moisture to your hair and your scalp while leaving your hair feeling gorgeous, soft and healthier than ever. 

Scalp Massager
Investing in a scalp massager is a great way to soothe your scalp, as well as get the product such as the renewing serum into your roots as thoroughly as possible. They are easy to find and available in most pharmacies or online. You could also use your fingers to achieve this.
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