Beauty & Lifestyle: Helenxyang

"I am very pleased with this product. First off, this product is created with extra virgin COCONUT oil to help achieve softer and shinier hair. After just a week of use, my hair seemed to be softer, less frizzy, and more hydrated. I use 5~6 drops on the bottom half of my hair, and that is more than enough. I start at the tip of my hair and work my way up so that the top is not as oily. Remember, a little goes a long way with this product. Also, the smell is amazing. If you like the smell of coconut and vanilla extract, you'll love this."

"This product costs $50 for a 50mL bottle. I know that sounds expensive, but this product is definitely worth getting. Your hair will thank you later. Furthermore, I've used this product everyday for 2~3 weeks and it barely budged from the top. The $50 you spend now is going to last you months -- maybe even a over a year or so. Seriously."

Photo: Helen Yang

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