Best Hair Ties For You and Your Updo

by Bold Support on April 10, 2019

Long, short, curly, straight, thick, or thin, every girl out there has the same struggles when it comes time to looking good all while managing your hair. With summer fast approaching, there are so many trendy updos you can easily recreate at home and just as many hair tie options. So, let us demystify which hair tie is right for you!

Spiral Hair Ties: Definitely the newest trend in hair ties, these plastic spirals you probably spotted at major stores and on your favourite Instagram influencers are definitely worth the hype! Their main feature: they don’t leave creases in your hair once you take off the ponytail. Their shape allows for a strong hold and easy removal, much like the scrunchies, but we’ll get to those next. The spiral ties are a clear win for thin and curly hair types since they don’t pull and tug as you take them out. It’s also the perfect option for the busy woman who needs to get from the gym to cocktail hour looking just as fabulous.

Scrunchies: Straight out of the 90’s, the scrunchies are making their comeback and it’s great news! The best option for damaged or wavy hair types, as there is no tangling and tugging. Plus, you can find them in an array of styles, like silk or velvet. They can be matched to your outfit and can look as trendy in your hair or around your wrist.

Cotton Wrapped Elastics: The most common ties, the ones you’ve been wearing in a variety of colours since, well forever, still are the cheapest and easiest hair ties to get your hands on. Some even come with a rubber lining for an even stronger hold. These elastics are best for shorter hairstyles and thicker hair, as they have a tight grip and will hold your hair in place. They are also recommended for physical activity, like your weekly spin class.

Mini Clear Rubber Elastics: Probably the best-kept secret to complete your half updo or braids. These mini elastics are the best tools to create a slick look without showing the bulky elastics. Their strong hold is ideal for any type of hair, and for easy removal and to avoid tugging, just cut them out! Try to get clear mini elastics; that way they will be even less noticeable. You can also conceal them by wrapping a strand of hair or tying a ribbon around.

NIUCOCO Pro Tip: Quite popular a few years ago, the elastic bands with a metal clasp should be avoided at all costs. They are prone to breaking quite easily, without mentioning the sharp sting when they do, ouch! Not only that, hair is more likely to get caught in the metal clasp and pull them out. Needless to say, stay away from them and use one of our other suggestions above.


NIUCOCO DIY Styling Tips

Hair ties are not just meant to keep your mane in place, they have so many other uses So, to complete your look, here are a few ideas for your next DIY project:

Use your old cotton wrapped elastics to give a more dramatic or classy look to your next updo by adding a ribbon or scarf, plus these looks have been spotted all over the runway and are guaranteed to be the newest trend this summer. To achieve this look, simply tie your ribbon or scarf in a knot around the elastic and tie it as you normally would, voilà! You can match different colours and patterns for different outfits, or even quickly switch up ribbons and scarves to update your look from day to night.

If you like jewelry, you can easily use your old elastics and repurpose them as fun arm candy. Cut the elastic and add pearls or other beads. These can easily be found at specialized stores or by repurposing your old bracelets. Once you are done blinging out your new bracelet, just tie a small knot or add a drop of hot glue to permanently secure the band. This DIY is a great way to follow the latest jewelry trends without breaking the bank.

If you love making personalized clothes or are looking for a fun activity to do with your girlfriends or teenagers, use elastics to make tie-dye! There are so many items that you can transform, like bathing suits, crop tops, tote bags, or even scarves, let your imagination go free! With different techniques available online to create fun patterns and colour combos, you can create unique pieces for your summer wardrobe; plus, keep an eye out for the non-toxic dyes, which are 100% NIUCOCO approved. Don’t forget to pair your tie-dye piece with a scrunchie. You are guaranteed to rock that cool 90’s look.

Get ready to have a great summer and have fabulous hair from morning to night. NIUCOCO’s got you covered!