Our Hair Secrets To Preventing Frizz In High Humidity Weather

by Mena Rizk on August 24, 2020

NIUCOCO'S Hair Secrets To Preventing Frizz In High Humidity Weather

Summer comes with a lot of great things. The humidity not being one of them. We love a pool party, a suntanning moment, or a beautiful sunset on the beach. But that icky sticky midday humidity that melts your makeup and turns your hair into something more like your mom's favourite 80's hair metal band? Not so chic. 

So we are going to break down the right way to build an anti-humidity hair routine that will soothe those stressed-out strands.

So what happens in a high-humidity environment that stresses hair out so much? As it happens when the cuticle of the hair is open the moisture from the hot and humid air penetrates the shaft and causes the frizzy flyaway hairs. Huh! Who knew that hair had a cuticle, too?

Seasonal frizz is a normal thing, but there are ways to deal with it and we can show you how. So whether your hair shape is a pouf, a frizz ball, or a kinky creature we have tips to help you manage so you can get back to enjoying the most of summer.



Helpful ways to prevent frizz:

  1. Style wet hair into a braid or bun

  2. Nourish your hair with natural ingredients!

  3. Dry your hair on a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt

  4. Let your natural texture shine. 

  5. Seal strands with a silicone-free serum

  6. Consider a keratin treatment



Apply Anti-Frizz Products 

Just like with everything in life, very rarely is there a magic pill that solves all of our problems. And the same goes for frizzy hair in humidity. So many products promise to reduce frizz, but the problem is actually much more complex. Frizz happens because of several factors, and trying our synthetic products on hair can further damage your hair's structure leaving it even more sensitive to frizz.

You can trust your stylist's recommendation, but there are some natural alternatives to help your hair keep its graceful body even during the hottest of days. Using shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, marula oil, or other hair oils helps. NIUCOCO's renewing serum is infused with high fidelity coconut oil and rebuilds hair while protecting from humidity.

i never normally like wearing my hair up, but this is a cute style ...


Wear Your Hair Up 

It's a roaring hot day, anyways girl! Why not just throw your hair up into a nice coil or scrunchy and cool your neck off a bit? It seems like a no brainer, but a bun can keep your hair tucked away until you're back in some AC.

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Use the Right Towel (Yes! It Makes a Difference)

Using the right towel actually makes a difference in how your hair reacts. Use a microfiber towel after your shower or a cotton t-shirt if you're in a pinch! 


Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner to Eliminate Frizz

What happens in the shower really is a critical part of keeping hair. Do not shampoo your hair too often, as washing it too much can dry it out and cause more frizz.

The right shampoo helps your hair's natural oils do their job of soothing the strand and cuticle of the hair. Shampoos containing sulphates and silicones can strip hair and upset the natural system it uses to maintain hair health. 


7 Tips for Taming Naturally Curly Hair | Dermstore Blog

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Use Gel (On Curly Hair) or a Lightweight Hairspray (On Finer Hair) 

Curly styles just need to face the facts. Humidity is not your friend and no matter what you do, it could be a challenge. Luckily if you can rock a curly look and have a curl type that forgives a little gel then you have a great solution available. Simply nourish your hair with the leave-in conditioner, oil, serum, or other products before you're ready to seal the style in with a little gel. Your curls won't be as soft to the touch, but humidity will step right back and leave your hair to impress everyone around.

Straight hair? No problem. A spritz or two of a lightweight hairspray with some flex does the trick too. 

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Go in for a Keratin Treatment

When it comes to the one trusted salon process to fight frizz, Keratin is the word. According to celeb hairstylist Christian Wood, the Keratin method and Brazillian Blow-outs are the go-to. These processes can be damaging to your hair long term, though so we do strongly advise against them.

Taking the time to carefully plan for humid days can go the distance. You can still feel good, but consider your hair's specific needs when its scorching hot out and you're moving between AC, hot cars, and the humid outdoors.

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