Heatless Curls That Will Turn Heads, Without Damaging Your Hair

by Mena Rizk on August 10, 2020

Bouncy Curls Without The Damaging Heat? We Got You

Who doesn’t love the glamour of bouncy waves for date night? Or the casual ease of curLs and a white crop top blue jeans combo? Curly hair doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For those of us who want to have a little spring in our step without the damage of hot hair tools, there's a trending way to get that wave without frying your hair.

Read our breakdown of some tried and true techniques to get curly without all the damaging heat that can fry your ends leaving leave hair limp and lifeless.

Just a word to the wise that transitioning to heatless styling can't undo the damage from heat and colour treatments. NIUCOCO's premium coconut oil-based hair serum can work to enrich your hair from the inside out, and our shampoo and conditioner wash duo can help restore moisture balance to your hair!

Without any further ado! Let’s get started.

Halo Curls

YouTuber Kayley Melissa took an old t-shirt and made it into a heatless curling accessory perfect for these gorgeous halo curls. These curls look so glam we didn't think it would be possible to do without hot styling tools. We're definitely trying this one out!

What you need:
A T-shirt (repurpose an old one so you don’t waste), and bobby pins!

Pixie Curls

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NO HEAT CURLS🔥 This was so much fun to do and an easy alternative for curling your hair. Roll up a single sheet of toilet paper, wrap your hair around it and tie the two ends into a knot. That's it! If you have long hair sleep on it to let it dry completely, I diffused my hair since #shorthair #notaproblem 😜 . . Products used: ⚡️ @evohair Liquid Rollers ⚡️ @evohair Root Canal ⚡️ @devacurl Flexible Hairspray Song: Drop and Roll- Silent Partner @makeupviibe @styleartists @styles.tv @nothingbutpixies @pixiepalooza @hair.video @hairvideeos @curlyhairkillas @hairvideodiary

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Esther Itterly takes it to the other extreme and shows us how to add texture to her short hair with non-other than a few pieces of toilet paper! This level of resourcefulness is impressive, to say the least. And the final look turns out great on her short pixie hairstyle. 

What you need:
Toilet paper and patience.

Beachy Waves

Houston beauty and lifestyle blogger Elly from Uptown With Elly Brown shares how to get the perfect beach waves (with no heat!) for any length hair!

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This look definitely wears well all year round, and from day to night. You can take the girl out of the beach but you can't take the beach out of the girl! Check out Elly Brown’s tutorial where in just a few steps, she creates effortless beachy waves you can dress up or down without the damaging heat of styling tools like irons and blow dryers. 

What you need:
Styling products like hairspray, a putty, and curl creams.

Boxer Braid Curls

Tough girls know about the boxer braid! We absolutely love this braid on our days off. Who knew that with a few extra steps you can use this low-key style to get some va-va-voom texture to your hair without damaging heat? Thanks to Cute Girl Hairstyles YouTube for the pro tip.

What you need:
Minimal styling products and an elastic

Heatless Curls Using Pegs

Raval Kaur shows us how her flowing locks take on these beautiful curls by just using household pegs (yes the pegs from the good ol' laundry bin)! The final look she achieves is glamorous and totally heatless. Limiting your hair's exposure to harmful heat but not sacrificing on style? We absolutely love it.

What you need:
Pegs! And minimal styling products.

Negin's Bathrobe Belt Waves

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Heatless bathrobe curls. What do you think? 🥰

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Negin's no stranger to hair care, she founded her brand Gisou using natural ingredients like honey and propolis to make sure hair works. We totally love their philosophy because NIUCOCO believe that nature's been there to take care of us this whole time. And that includes taking care of our skin, hair, and health. Watch Negin demonstrate the bathrobe waves technique.

What you need:
A bathrobe belt and hair spray.

So that's it! Have a look that you tried and loved? Get in touch with us on Instagram or send us a Tweet with your pictures!

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