by Kitschy Inc. on November 24, 2020
Are you in a constant battle between wanting to dye your hair and wanting to save it? What if I told you that you no longer have to choose between either one cause you can do BOTH!
Niucoco hair products are made with natural ingredients and coconut that helps hydrates the hair and strengthens it. 
Our products are made to repair your damaged hair and give it back its original shine and glow! Even our serum is made to protect your hair from the heat. 
We wanted to share with you some feedback we got from our first time and existing customers to show their results using NIUCOCO. 
'I couldn't believe how soft my hair was honestly. After ONE wash only you could feel the quality and color of my hair changed. I'm so happy I found this brand!'
Before using NIUCOCO: 
After Showering with NIUCOCO shampoo and conditioner: 
( Danika has the Essentials Bundle)
'Considering I have curly hair, you know how annoying it is to even touch your hair. I loved the smell of the products and the conditioner made my hair sooooo smoothe and the oil protected it from turning frizzy!'
(Chloe has the Classic Duo)
'For someone that has curly hair, it's not EASY! I struggle a lot and honestly after one wash I saw a significant change! I love love love your product and will literally recommend it to anyone I know!' 
(Tatianna has the Complete Repair Bundle
'I'm seriously involve with NIUCOCO. It's so amazing on my hair. It literally healed all my split ends, like a miracle. I couldn't believe it was possible considering I've tried so many other brands before but nothing compared to this quality!'
(Valeriya has the Complete Repair Bundle) 
'I never leave my house without my phone, keys, mask, hand gel and NIUCOCO dry shampoo.'
(Yuri has the Dry Shampoo)
'This oil serum is just like sunscreen! You need to apply it on your hair to protect it from heat. It also smells delish!'
(Lamie has the Renewing Oil Serum) 
'The results are incredible. I already take really good care of my hair, but I chose NIUCOCO because I didn't want to destroy my hair with brands that have chemicals. I wanted to keep it natural and make sure it shines and smells good!'
(Senpai Axel has the Classic Duo)
Also, please do share with us some of your results. We will be more than happy to offer you an additional discount on your next order, in exchange for your content or testimonial.