Suka and Spice

Suka and Spice

"I want to smell sexy, not sickly", I told my sister one night, as I mourned the fact that my Moroccan Oil had gone the way of so many other hair products--the trash. The issue however, is that many of the cleaner products I was picking up, didn't have the loveliest of scents. Enter @niucoco Renewing Hair Serum. The name first caught my eye, as Niu is quite literally "coconut", in Tongan. I love most things coconut, and when they sent this over, I was pleased to find that it included not only coconut oil, but guava extract and quinoa protein. It doesn't hurt that it smells fresh and light. Not overperfumed or synthetic in the least. Just a handful of drops, is perfect for applying in damp hair--but I also found that adding a generous amount to dry hair, an hour before washing, is also a conditioning treat. I have a lot of hair, though each individual strand is fine...I don't find that this weighs it down, and that's something to be grateful for. In fact, I'll show you a picture this week, as evidence. But for now, baby has a checkup, and this hair is in a permabun. Do you use a hair serum that smells as delicious as this? Tell me about it!

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