Three Reasons Your Bleached Hair Needs Coconut Oil

by Lauren Greenberg on April 16, 2020

They say blondes have more fun, but if you’re bleaching your hair you know that the only downfall is caring for your hair once it gets dry and brittle. 

If you’ve struggled with growing out bleached hair, breakage, or dry stands, coconut oil could be exactly what you’re looking for to revive your hair! Here are the top reasons you should be including coconut oil in your hair routine.


It Makes Hair More Manageable 

When you’ve bleached your hair, you may notice that styling gets harder. Bleach can break down your hair and leave it feeling rough with breakage and dead ends. Using coconut-based products, like our Renewing Hair Serum helps smooth strands to make styling easier. It will keep "flyaways" or broken hair at bay.

The unique formula made from 100% cold-pressed coconut oil will also help protect your fragile hair from further damage. If you apply it on wet hair before styling, it will protect your strands from overheating and breakage which can become a huge problem if your hair has been bleached.


It Won’t Change Your Colour

brassy hair, blonde highlights, bleached hair, tips for brassy hairOne of the biggest concerns with natural hair care products is that it can sometimes fade or alter the color of your hair. It can make blondes look brassy and faded which isn’t ideal. Instead, coconut oil protects color while it nourishes your hair and scalp. If you're looking to protect your color while also keeping hair vibrant and healthy, there is finally a safe and effective option for you!

The unique coconut oil formulations of our shampoo and conditioner will help keep your blonde vibrant as if you’ve just left the salon! Not only that, but the nutrients found in our 100% cold-pressed natural coconut oil will keep your bleached hair healthier than ever before.


It Will Help Hair Grow Longer

When hair goes through the bleaching process, it can compromise the health of your hair. In most cases, it leaves strands drier, rougher, and more likely to suffer from breakage - but not with coconut oil! Hair needs nutrients to grow longer and stronger and without them, you could find yourself experiencing more breakage with less growth. 

Coconut oil penetrates hair to help repair damage and return your hair to a healthy state. When your hair is healthy, it has the ability to grow faster and longer than ever before. If you’ve noticed that bleaching your hair has slowed down its growth, there is nothing better than washing, conditioning and protecting your hair with all-natural coconut oil!