NIUCOCO’s Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by Kitschy Inc. on February 10, 2021
NIUCOCO’s Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Valentines Day 2021 just got more interesting
With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we know you want to treat your sweetheart to something special this year! 
Romantic dinners at intimate restaurants and luxe getaways are now a thing of the past, but celebrating at home isn’t. And what compliments a DIY festivities perfectly? An amazing gift!
Here are a couple of brands we love that produce ethical and quality products that will elevate your partner’s self-care ritual.
How to show you care? Give the gift of self-care!
Sexy Hair With NIUCOCO
Do you love running your fingers through your girlfriend’s hair? Give her the gift of gorgeous hair she’ll happily let you play with. NIUCOCO’s organic coconut-based shampoos are ultra-hydrating, smell incredible and come in different bundles that will suit her length and lifestyle. 
If she has curly hair: Get her the Complete Repair Bundle
If she has long, thick hair: Get her the Essentials Bundle
If she has shorter, fine hair: Get her the Classic Duo
They also have a cool limited time offer where purchasing a bottle of serum gets you a free sample-sized shampoo and conditioner. Wow! Claim HERE! 
We cannot stress how much we love these gorgeous silk pajama sets. Lunya also carries other loungewear apparel but it’s so easy to obsess over the washable silk shorts and t-shirts. Their fabrics are also sustainably sourced and they make it a point to work with haute factories with environmentally-friendly values. Knowing that you aren’t hurting the environment but rather helping it and you’re gifting your lover something gorgeous they’ll love forever? That’s worth the price tag alone!

Say it with a customized card
What better way to show your love than to give your honey a personalized memory they can hold onto? Custom cards to frame, tack up on the fridge or keep in a wallet or notebook can be made by talented artists like Alaskards. Just send over a photo or the details you want to include and keep the magic going. It’s a constant reminder of your love, and a great memory to make.
Let a candle do the talking
Spoken Flames is an immersive candle experience that ignites your different senses. This is not only an amazing and intimate gift for your partner, but you’re also giving them an augmented reality experience which is rare and unforgettable. How do they work? Each candle has an affirmation that it speaks when lit and paired with the app. A gift that keeps on giving, spoken flames will act as a constant reminder to let your partner know how amazing you think she is and the success she’s capable of achieving. It’s also worth mentioning that these candles are our coconutty cousins, as they’re made with natural coconut oil wax! ;)
Don’t Forget the Flowers (Well, Plants.)
Flowers are so pre-pandemic. Nowadays, everyone’s new best friend and baby is a plant. If you live in the Greater Montreal Area, you’re lucky because Stemhaus is an awesome and sustainable, modern plant shop with a large and comprehensive inventory, and a guide how to take care of the plant you bought. Is the plant a symbol for your love? Your commitment? Did you just move in together and you want to jazz up the place? Whatever the reason, plants are always the answer.
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